Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to get your own Pictures

Well, during this adventure I have had many people ask me if they too can get a print or so for their home. It would give me great joy to be able to give to others and so if you would like a print here is how to go about it. Unfortunately doing photography for many years has made me a little nitpicky. I really don’t like the printing of places like Walgreens, walmart and even home printers make me cringe at times. Because of this issue I have I created a very inexpensive way for them to be printed and I have printed many pictures with them and I trust them to match colors correctly and to do a wonderful job.

I have created a new account with my favorite developer and uploaded all of the pictures (some that are not on my blog) and anyone who wants can order it from them. Don’t worry they are a professional developer but they don’t cost a fortune. For an 8x10 it’s only $1.99.

So here is how you can go about ordering prints at developer cost

1. Go to www.

2. Select SIGN IN on the top right corner.

3. Email address is : (don’t worry I created it just for this so you’re not intruding J)

4. Password: temple

5. From there you should be able to select albums and then the pictures you would like developed and pay for it to be sent to you. (be careful not to save your credit card information)

Printing suggestions: (not requirements)

1. If you print large 11x14 or larger the pictures over time will bubble in the frame. So to make it look sharp for many years I suggest when in the shopping cart to add mount and select single weight mount board.

2. When in shopping cart it will show you how your picture will be cropped with the red lines. Select under the picture edit crop and make sure you have head room so you temple spires are not being cut off. Make sure you have enough room for your frame to take a little space away as well.

I only ask one thing from you In return.

If you print any of the pictures please send me an email letting me know which ones and what size. I would love to see what is your favorite, I really do hope that many people enjoy this and that I can help.

phew, I think that is the most I have ever writen on my blog if any of it is confusing or you need help email me at

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